plasmatique - qubit-

Plasmatique was formed by two experienced producers from Slovakia and Germany consisting of slovakian producer Zuzana Retkesova and german producer @Thomas Helmich.

As Zuzana Retkesova has worked as an engineer and producer for the last 7 years in her own production company, Thomas Helmich is around for quite some time with productions for film and tv and remixes for @Eichensohn&Davenstedt and many more.
Zuzana and Kai teamed up for their love of electronic music.
What defines your music?
Zuzana states: “ Hypnotising, driving and we both love arpeggiated baselines which defines our sound.”
Waiting for the worldwide pandemic to end Plasmatique
is working on a mini album/EP to be released soon and they can hopefully conquer the dancefloors around the globe.

First single release on luft&liebe of the electronic duo Plasmatique from slovakian producer Zuzana Retkesova and german producer Thomas Helmich.
Thriving baselines meet atmospheric melodic techno

Catalogue Number (L&L2203)

Plasmatique - Qubit - (L&L 2203)

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