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here comes the trailer for the "Tech Art" Album on POPVIRUS!

watch the trailer here

We are proud to announce that we changed our speaker system in our Mixing facility to Barefoot Footprint 01!

They not only look fantastic... they also sound fantastic!

Euphoria 2

Hero for a day... king for a lifetime...

Buckle up!


Trailer Music in Blockbuster Format!

Fasten seatbelt and take a listen!

Kai Panschow

Writer / Producer / CEO

"Music makes me smile!"

Kai Panschow is definitely one of the TOP composers + producers in Germany. His creative output is unbelievable + he knows exactly how to deal with the TV medium. Currently, there are over 100 albums to his credit with different labels all around the world. Besides writing music for image films (i.e Volkswagen, Dr.Oetker, WMF or Lidl), Kai produced the music for the feature film "Verreckt" in 2010, which won acclaim + awards around the globe.

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